SlipperySlope Sample Questions: Who is someone you trust? What one word best describes your day? Which holiday is the hardest for you and why? What do you do when you miss your mom or dad? When you hang out with your friends, what is your favorite thing to do? If you could change one thing about your situation, what would it be? When was the last time you got angry and why? What is the hardest part about co-parenting? What do you do when one parent talks negative about your other parent? What is keeping you from moving on? What do you miss most about your family not being together?

Teens (10-18)

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Slippery Slope Board Game

The Slippery Slope, is a new, age appropriate board game designed to help teenagers open up and deal with the hurts and confusion associated with the grief they feel when their families are going through a separation or divorce. Great tool to be used in your home, your Youth Ministries or along with your Big D groups.


This is your ticket to ride the roller coaster of emotions and feel the thrill of finishing a winner. Great tool to be used at home, in your Youth Ministries program or your Big D groups to promote healing. Order Here!

Great tool to be used at home or in your youth ministries to promote healing!!

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